Research Finds Additional Covid Costs Incurred By Schools That Are Not Compensated By Government

A recent study has found that much of the additional coronavirus-related expenses schools are facing would not be covered by the government’s support fund. Reports indicate that in order to cope with the financial problems resulting from the pandemic, there were reductions in current budgets or covering workers in the school itself. While the government is offering schools with some financial relief through its exceptional cost fund, the Education Policy Institute (EPI) has indicated that the fund would not cover the majority of the additional costs of schools.

Just 31%  of the cumulative sum of all schools’ coronavirus-related costs in England have been projected by the think-tank to be reimbursed by the government’s extraordinary expense fund. Almost all schools reported additional spending on personal protective equipment (PPE) and cleaning supplies, while the vast majority faced higher costs for signage, digital equipment and hand washing facilities, the study shows. Since the start of the national lockdown in March, extra non-staff expenses totaling just under £ 13,000 have had to be borne by primary schools. Additional non-staff expenses of just under £ 18,000 have been faced by special schools and almost £ 43,000 by secondary schools, the EPI report stated.