Ursula Von Der Leyen Claims EU Needs To Step Up Its Game To Contain COVID-19

European Commission president, Ursula von der Leyen stated on Thursday that the European Union needs to set up basic standards in regards to quarantine and COVID-19 testing to end a befuddling interwoven of rules over the coalition.

The circumstance in Europe was turning out to be “more troubling”, yet EU nations had in any event concurred a typical “traffic signal” framework to direct them on whether insignificant voyagers, for example, vacationers were originating from protected or dangerous locales.

Before the beginning of a two-day meeting of EU pioneers, Von der Leyen informed the journalists that she think it is additionally fundamental that there will be a concurrence on the hour of isolate or the need of testing. Here she approaches the partners that we likewise discover an arrangement. She considers it extremely significant.