World Health Organization alerts of Extremely serious cases of Covid-19 in Europe

The total of weekly cases of the novel coronavirus in Europe beat 300,000 a week ago – higher than during the main top in March – setting off grave admonitions from health specialists. Talking at a press meeting on Thursday, the World Health Organization’s European chief Dr Hans Kluge cautioned that Europe was confronting an intense circumstance and prompted against even a slight decrease in the duration of the quarantine. Dr Kluge explained that the greater part of European nations had enlisted an ascent in diseases more noteworthy than 10% in the previous fourteen days. It is the first run through the total of weekly recorded cases in the area has reached 300,000.

Dr Kluge stated that they have an intense circumstance unfurling before them. The weekly total has now surpassed those detailed when the pandemic initially topped in Europe in March. A week ago, the district’s weekly count surpassed 300,000 patients. The greater part of European countries have detailed a more prominent than 10 percent expansion in cases in the previous two weeks. Out of those, seven nations have seen recently announced cases rise over two-fold in the meanwhile. Dr Kluge emphasized on the adequacy of the severe lockdowns that were forced over the area toward the start of the pandemic. In the spring and late-spring they had the option to see the effect of severe lockdown measures. Their endeavours, their penances, paid off. In the month of June cases hit an unsurpassed low.