Pollution Spikes Amid the Fear of Covid-19

Corona’s fear was not over yet that pollution has popped up to increase this problem. The quality of air has deteriorated to the pre-Corona era. It is noticed that unclean air can increase the risk of corona. In such a situation, individuals need to be careful while stepping out. Days of clear blue skies are fading as the lockdown has been eased and vehicles are back on the road. In India, places like Delhi and Mumbai are encountering significant levels of pollution. Even though the winters are far away, pollution has started spreading in the capital. Between March 2020 and August 2020, the whole world including India saw clear skies, beautiful rainbows and pure-cool air, but with the process of unlock, people returned to the streets.

In such a situation, the air quality here has become polluted due to which people have suffocated. For information, if the air quality index is below 50, then it is considered best to breathe, but now in NCR, this level has reached the Moderate level from the Green Zone. The AQI level in Delhi is running between 100 and 200. At the time of lockdown, air quality level was seen up to 35 in May. Respiratory specialist Dr. Vivek Nangia of Max Hospital has expressed his reaction regarding this matter. He said, “Obviously it will not be easy for people living on the danger of Corona to face pollution this time. Both corona and pollution are dangerous to the lungs. If both corona and pollution are present together in the air, the importance of the mask will increase further. In such a situation, doctors are suggesting that people must to take double care of their health.