Wide scope of application is boosting the growth of the Potassium Chloride Fertilizers Market

Potassium Chloride Fertilizers Market

Potassium chloride (KCl) is made out of potassium and chlorine. Potassium chloride is a metal halide salt obtained from minerals, for example, carnallite, sylvite, and potash or created by rewarding potassium hydroxide or other potassium bases with hydrochloric acid.

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  • By Type
    • Liquid
    • Solid
  • By Application
    • Foliar
    • Broadcasting
    • Fertigation

Expanding usage of potassium chloride in composts is a main consideration driving development of the worldwide potassium chloride market. Furthermore, expanding interest for potassium chloride from oil and gas industry is another factor expected to drive development of the worldwide market to a noteworthy degree over the estimate time frame.

The North America market represents noteworthy offer in the worldwide potassium chloride market as far as income and is relied upon to observe critical development over the figure time frame.

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  • Israel Chemicals Ltd
  • The Mosaic Company
  • Sinofert Holdings Limited
  • EuroChem Group AG
  • Borealis AG
  • Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc.
  • Agrium Inc.
  • JSC Belaruskali
  • ASA