Project PLATINA Begins In India To Treat Severe Corona Patients

The Maharashtra Government has begun a unique program by taking the initiative to treat the patients suffering from coronavirus. The government has made a decision to treat patients with mild as well as severe symptoms of corona with the help of plasma therapy. The patients with mild symptoms of corona are treated with plasma therapy across different regions. Nonetheless, the Maharashtra government has begun treating serious patients with help of this therapy. Doctors explain that patients are benefiting from this therapy, and now the world’s largest “Plasma Therapy Testing Center” ie Project Platina has started.

Maharashtra is the first state in the country to do extensive experiments with plasma therapy. Several plasma medical facilities have been provided in 23 medical colleges in Maharashtra, which have service centers to expedite procedures such as plasma bank, plasma donation, plasma trial and emergency authorization. After getting permission from the central government, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray inaugurated it online on Monday.  Patients who are cured should donate blood within 10 days to 28 days. After which doctors separate the plasma from their blood. They do this because antibodies to fight the virus in the body of a patient who has won the battle with Corona are produced in large quantities. Which can prove to be effective in treating another patient. The digestive system is the biggest beneficiary of this.