North America Is Predicted To Lead The Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Display Market

Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Display Market


Projected Capacitive Technology shortly known as PCT refers to one of the most prevalent touch technologies for an expanding variety of applications ranging from consumer devices to commercial applications in retail, gaming and signage. It detects touch by measuring the capacitance at each addressable electrode.

Drivers & Restraints

Technological advancement has resulted into a radical shift from traditional bulky, slow and imprecise resistive mono touch to highly sensitive multi touch capacitive screen. The touchscreen technology is used for human computer interface to provide input to and obtain output from the processing unit. Rapid popularization, ease of use, accessibility, increased consumer spending and increasing ergonomics are the key factors driving the Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Display market growth.

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<10″ Screen Size

10″-15″ Screen Size

16″-20″ Screen Size

>20″ Screen Size


Application –

Industrial Automation Control

Manufacture of Machinery


Interactive Digital Signage



Regional Analysis

The market has been segment into North America, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East and Africa. The North America Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Display market is expected to witness substantial growth owing to high use of technology.

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B&R Industrial Automation

Elo Touch Solutions



American Industrial System


VarTech Systems Inc.


Touch International Inc