Organic Manuka Honey Is Mainly Produced In Australia And New Zealand

Organic Manuka Honey


Manuka honey is extracted from the nectar of manuka tree by European honey bees Apis mellifera which pollinate the flower on the manuka bush. It is known as a monofloral honey due to its predominant origin from the nectar of only one plant species and is manufactured in Australia and New Zealand.

Drivers & Restraints

The antibacterial properties of manuka honey set it apart from traditional honey. The sweet and strong flavor of manuka honey makes it a potential sweetener and a replacement for table sugar. Over the years the practice of using unconventional sweeteners has witnessed a significant increase this, in turn, is expected to cause a rise in the demand for manuka honey over the forecast period.

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UMF 5+

UMF 10+

UMF 15+

UMF 20+



Digestion and Inflammation Treatment

Wound-care and Skincare

Other Uses

Regional Analysis

The market has been segment into North America, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East and Africa. Rising demand for the natural and herbal ingredients in North America region has created a potential opportunity for the manuka honey market.

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