Biomedical Waste Management Services Are Important To Maintain Hygiene

Biomedical Waste Management Services


Biomedical waste means any waste which is generated during diagnosis, treatment, or immunization of human beings or animals or in research activities pertaining thereto or in production or testing of biological and including categories mentioned in Schedule I of U.S. controlled drug substance act.

Drivers & Restraints

Growing geriatric population requiring health care products and services, increasing incidence and prevalence of infectious and lifestyle diseases, expanding health care infrastructure, changing lifestyles, enforcement of various regulations for the management of biomedical waste, and increasing awareness about safety and security against the hazards caused by biomedical wastes are some factors driving the global biomedical waste management market.

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Waste Type-

Non-hazardous biomedical waste

Hazardous biomedical waste


Large quantity waste generators

Mid and small quantity waste generators

Regional Analysis

The market has been segment into North America, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East and Africa. North America held the largest share of the market, followed by Europe due to the growing aging population and stringent regulations in this region.

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  • Waste Management, Inc.
  • BioMedical Waste Solutions, LLC.
  • Clean Harbors, Inc.
  • Daniels Sharpsmart
  • Republic Services, Inc.,
  • Sharps Compliance, Inc
  • SUEZ
  • BWS Incorporated
  • Veolia