Oppo Released The Teaser Image Of Their Latest Audio Product Which Is Announced For Launching On 7th April


After the launching of the truly wireless earphones by Oppo in the last month, they are about to launch their new audio product on April 7th. The company had also posted an official teaser image of the product in Weibo, and the image shows a circular product with the date April 7th displayed on it, this gives a clue that it could be either an earphone or a speaker.

The announcement of this new product is scheduled for 7th April in China and the availability of this product in the Indian market would depend upon when the lockdown is lifted from the country. Although it is really tough to identify what this new product is, the good news is that the people needn’t wait for much time as the company would announce it on 7th April itself.

The teaser image of this new product was released by the account ‘Oppo Acoustics’ in the Chinese social website Weibo and this made the viewers of the teaser believe the product would be an audio product. The image was also posted with a tagline and the translated version of the tagline is- “The pearls are round and jade-run, and there is a universe inside”.