Animosity Response Editorial of September 29 Event

The fact that we are playing all the time with a candle, and here I simply manifest myself as a Colombian September 29 from the pile, as our current government has been doing against the government of Venezuela, is demonstrating a high degree of animosity against them, which at any moment It can overflow and generate or present an unwanted reaction.

That is why it seems to me too much naivety, or irresponsibility, to despise the danger that this attitude is entailing, because it is like wanting to ignore, or ignore, the consequences that it brings, without wanting to ignore that there are conceptual differences between the two governments and that we still have evident problems of living together

Recently Animosity Response Editorial of September 29

Although I can go through a fool, not being able to clearly understand the tejemanejes that hide or handle behind the interests that are created in international relations, especially with the actions of the current US government.

I ask our government for more moderation and more diplomacy , but of the healthy and true ones, not of the hypocrites that are stretched today, and that have been normalized in a terrifying way, because with them we can be costing tranquility and our future as a sovereign country, but unfortunately today it is in hands of some leaders without notion of being the representatives of an indulgent society with its erratic behavior.

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