Recently Ivan Dario Acevedo Gomez Talks About his Projects

The architect Ivan Dario Acevedo Gomez talks about his projects with ownership, his team with pride and his awards with humility. Among its achieved and visible goals in Bucaramanga, the Cristal Alto Sports Park, the Cafe, the Tactical Urbanism of the Call and the renovation and improvement of more than a hundred public facilities, In addition to the rescue of architectural heritage.

The latter are part of “The public space: the skin of democracy”, the name of the project he is in charge of as director of the Professional Workshop on Public Architecture of Bucaramanga, and for which he won the Karl Brunner Prize for Urban Design and Landscaping in the XXVI Colombian Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism, with the results of this project currently participates in the Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism of Seoul (Korea) 2019, SBAU19. The city of Rionegro (Antioquia) is also included in the biennial, an event that It will be open until November 10.

He graduated ( Cum Lauden ) from the Santo Tomás de Bucaramanga University in 1999 and has not stopped studying since he arrived in Barcelona in 2000. He was twenty-one years old. “Everything I had seen in books about this city I began to breathe.” His arrival was casual, an intuition. He distributed more than one hundred resumes as an architect without any success. He had to pay his expenses and began to work in removals, a hard job with long hours, but well paid. He had clear goals: save, continue studying and work as an architect. Dream and work.

In Barcelona he studied the Master in Computerization of Architectural Projects at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (2003), worked at the RPSR Architecture Studio (Rodrigo Prats San Román) and later at Pich-Aguilera Architect as project manager with whom he has obtained several awards. He approved his degree, formed a family and has his own studio. It is defined as “an activist of architectural and urban projects”.

The autonomy of your team, the recovery, renovation and enhancement of space for citizens are your goals. He is also a professor of the masters in Design of urban, architectural and mobility spaces of ESdesign de Barcelona. He knows how to lead and trust. Ivan Acevedo is tall and stocky, kind and smiling. Speak passionately about the projects you have done, dream and fulfill dreams,

There is a paisa predominance in the last twenty years due to the change that Medellin has had. They have done it freehand with healthy people and have managed to get where they have come precisely because of their work and conviction. And now Bucaramanga is also a benchmark in world architecture and urban planning is breaking a paradigm, it is positive for the whole country.

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