ONIC Says Crimes Against the Indigenous Peoples Decreased

The second bad death part of the conception that people have about the cycles of life. Death is natural, it is the passage from one world to another, but violent death interrupts those cycles in people, communities and everything on earth.

“It is about telling our story of violence that is repeated every century, but it is the same quest to exterminate the peoples and to homogenize to prevent us from existing in the midst of the difference and the ethnic and cultural diversity that a country like Colombia really expresses ”, Adds Montero.

Then, the genocide begins when the Spaniards set foot on this continent and continue in every period of violence that Colombia has experienced. In this investigation, they could show that of the 102 indigenous peoples that currently exist, 70 of them are at imminent risk of being physically and culturally exterminated 31 at risk of extinction by the number of population and 39 at risk of physical and cultural extermination. That is, almost 70% of them.

In addition, they documented more than 120 massacres against the indigenous population, whose perpetrators have been the legal and illegal armed actors, which still does not stop. The ONIC keeps track of 158 indigenous leaders killed after the signing of the Peace Agreement between the State and the Farc, and 97 have been registered in the first year of Iván Duque’s government, mainly in Cauca, Valle del Cauca, Nariño, Chocó and in the Catatumbo region.

“They have been authorities, guards, communicators, they have had some leadership position in the communities and they were murdered, as we have evidenced, for the defense of the territory and the principles of unity, culture, the autonomy of indigenous communities,” Montero closes.

The first is the need for an institutional adaptation of the Colombian State. “That would help reduce the gaps of discrimination, structural racism and exclusion in the country. We must begin to show the history of indigenous peoples from ourselves. Here Columbus did not conquer us, here there was the greatest extermination of humanity, ”says the report coordinator.

And the second is more a request with an urgent message that the crimes against the indigenous peoples of Colombia be stopped. They do not want their children and grandchildren to repeat what they have lived.

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