Venezuela’s Maduro closes Brazil Border

The plan of the opposition on the border between Venezuela and Brazil was ready on January 23 the aid would go through in the first phase. “Procedures were defined to carry out the operation”, through which “in the first phase” will be transported up to 100 tons of aid, consisting of “food, medicines and emergency kits”, which will depart from the city of Boa Vista, capital of the border state of Roraima, affirmed the representative in Brazil of Juan Guaido, self-appointed president in charge of Venezuela.

Humanitarian aid, according to the plan, must leave Boa Vista, 200 kilometers from the border, and reach Pacaraima, located on the border between the two countries, and then go initially to Santa Elena de Uairén. That Venezuelan city, about 25 kilometers from the border and about 30,000 inhabitants, would be the first stop of that aid, according to sources involved in the operation.

But Nicolas Maduro has just frustrated that plan. He ordered the total closure of the land border with Brazil, two days after the entry of humanitarian aid requested by opposition leader Juan Guaidó.

“I have decided, in the south of Venezuela, from 20:00 hours (00:00 GMT) of this February 21 is completely and absolutely closed, until further notice, the land border with Brazil,” said the president in a meeting with the military high command in Fort Tiuna

Nicolas Maduro, in the midst of activity with the military on Thursday, said he is evaluating a partial closure of the border with Venezuela.

“I do not want to go to the extreme, but I’m evaluating closing the border with Colombia. I am evaluating a total closure of the border, I am glad that in the Simón Bolívar Bridge see the movement of Colombians and Venezuelans passing through there, “he said.

“By sea and by land, We must open the humanitarian channel, yes or yes,” said Guaidó, recognized by 50 countries as interim president of Venezuela.

But the government ordered the suspension of the sailings in all the ports of the country and also ordered the cessation of private and commercial flights in addition to the sea closure – with Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, an island where aid is also collected.

“It is a show that the only thing that seeks and intends is the (military) intervention of Venezuela,” said Vice President Delcy Rodríguez, announcing the closure of borders with Curaçao.

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