Four leaders of the IS in Syria died in the US

At least 32 jihadists from the Islamic State, including four ringleaders, were killed in the US special forces operation on Friday night to Saturday in eastern Syria, according to data released on Sunday by the Syrian Human Rights Observatory.

According to this NGO, the dead were registered by the bombings of the international coalition and the aforementioned operation in the oil well of Al Amr, in the northeastern Syrian province of Deir al Zur.

In this ground attack by US special forces, Abu Sayaf, a leading Islamic State leader, had a prominent role in the finances and sale of oil and gas of the jihadist group.

Among the leaders cited by the head of the Observatory, Rami Abdel Rahman, there are, besides Abu Sayaf, military high command and a communications officer. Three of the four leaders came from North Africa and one of them was Syrian.

The NGO also claims that some Arab members of the Islamic State provided information to the coalition and the United States to launch the offensive.

The United States estimated the IS militants killed in the unusual incursion into Syrian territory by a dozen. The operation was shot by jihadists who, according to US sources, say they used women and children as human shields.

During the mission was detained Abu Sayyaf’s wife, who has been taken into custody by US forces in Iraq, the country from which the attack was launched. Abu Sayyaf was involved in the military operations of the Islamic State and also helped lead the oil and gas trade group and its financial operations, according to US authorities.

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